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Changing the Way You Listen to Music at Home: Bose SoundTouch Wi-Fi Music System

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Bose has unveiled its latest SoundTouch Wi-Fi music system with presents an innovative way to listen to music at home. This system allows you to easily stream music wirelessly in any room without compromising audio quality. At the touch of a button, the SoundTouch Wi-Fi music system plays tracks from a music player or the internet in any room you choose, with the option of either playing the same thing everywhere or something different in each room, indoors as well as out.

The American audio company is very proud of its work, with Phil Hess, vice president of Bose Home Entertainment, saying he is confident SoundTouch systems will have the same impact on listening to music at home as Bluetooth speakers had on listening to music on-the-go.

There’s a SoundTouch system in every room, all of them communicating wirelessly with one-another, and all of them connected to the internet using your home’s Wi-Fi network. The system then streams the music you have stored on your computer, or whatever internet radio or music service you prefer. SoundTouch automatically searches for software updates and will initially offer Pandora, which will be followed by other popular music services like Deezer or iHeartRadio.

Bose offers the SoundTouch controller, which features a circular design, volume dial and proximity sensor and works with any SoundTouch system. There’s even an app that enables you to use a smartphone, tablet or computer, if you want even more mobility and control.

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