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Getting the Best of Splendid Santorini – Canaves Oia Hotel

Forged in its present form by a devastating volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, Santorini is now one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. And it seems even better when you see it from Canaves Oia Hotel.

Cozy, yet luxurious, the hotel’s charm is greatly enhanced by its perfect location, as it sits on top of a cliff which offers a breathtaking view of Santorini’s Caldera. With this as your haven and starting point, you can fully enjoy all that the island has in store for visiting travellers: the glittering blue waves of the Aegean, the perfect sunny weather or the town of Oia’s medieval charm, with its white walls, blue rooftops and overall care-free atmosphere unique to the Mediterranean.

Canaves Oia Hotel offers its guests a variety of luxuriously fitted rooms, whether they prefer one of the Superior Double Rooms, Junior Suites, Superior Suites for two, Superior Suits for four or the Honeymoon Suite.  It is a peaceful, romantic retreat, perfect for those who want to experience the full beauty of one of Greece’s most amazing places.

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