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CD Players aren’t dead yet: meet the State-of-the-Art Gryphon Ethos CD Player

gryphon audio designs new cd player ethos 2

Gryphon Audio Designs, a high-end Danish electronics company that’s well known for its goal of presenting a pure unembellished sound, has recently launched a new state of the art audio player. Called the Ethos CD Player, this is their take on what the best cd player in the world should be like.

Built with the utmost precision and sold with the utmost price tag of $39,000, the Gryphon Ethos CD Player proves that the compact disc is not yet dead, and even more, that it’s still at the top of the pyramid when it comes to – no, not price this time – the digital reproduction of sound.

Though the new Ethos player has been created with one thing in mind, compact discs, it handles both the standard 16-bit / 44.1 kHz ‘Redbook’ CD and can also playback external sources up to 32-bit / 384 kHz PCM and even DSD512.

gryphon audio designs new cd player ethos 1

The lid is designed as a unique clamshell cover which reminds of the vinyls of the past. The triangular shaped cd player also features a fully decoupled all metal transport body, independently adjustable Atlas Spikes isolation footers, which can absorb the airborne vibrations from deep bass, protecting the player body from micro-resonances which can disturb the purity of the sound.

Ethos comes as well with a glass touchscreen control panel which provides plenty of functionality, including OCD listeners for tailoring the sound to the nth degree through roll-off filters.

gryphon audio designs new cd player ethos 3


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