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Caviar’s Tesla Limited Edition iPhone X is Golden in Our Books

Tesla Limited Edition iPhone X

The Russians at Caviar are pretty well known for releasing some of the most expensive and outrageous phones out there, usually luxurious takes on iPhones or the latest devices from Samsung. Today we’re witnessing their latest creation, the Tesla limited-edition iPhone X, a new bespoke smartphone that just screams opulence.

Set to cost $4,600, this device features a case plated in carbon and gold, with an innovative solar charging panel that promises to keep it running all the time. But you could also charge its battery from bright lamps, so if you’re not a big fan of going out when the sun is up, that might come in handy as well.

Tesla Limited Edition iPhone X

Since we’ve mentioned it’s a limited edition phone, you should know that Caviar plans to produce only 999 units of this device, and exclusivity might be also a key selling point. The technical specs are not really worth discussing, because the Tesla Limited Edition is just like any other iPhone X and we’re all aware of its capabilities or features.

However, we do appreciate the shiny and new expensive exterior of the cool device, bearing the Caviar Luxury Standard. I guess it’s all a matter of taste and preferences – you could either go for the new Nokia Banana phone or this outrageous device. What’s your choice?

Tesla Limited Edition iPhone X


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