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Castello di Vicarello: amazing retreat in Tuscany, Italy

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When history and luxury retreats get together, something marvelous comes out. This is another case of this happening. This get-away location, Castello di Vicarello, is both a beautiful building built in the 12th century and a perfect destination for elite tourists that seek relaxation and historical information.

Located in Tuscany, Italy, on a hilltop in Maremma, this location comprises seven suites carefully renewed and decorated in a manner that one would feel like living during the medieval-times. The resort also has to offer a great landscape, beautiful green surroundings, first-class services and comfort, absolutely delicious traditional Italian dishes, cooked with local ingredients, and silence, at its best.

The ingredients are grown around the castle, among century-old olive trees, and the owners, Carlo and Aurora Baccheschi Berti, personally take care of everything related to the resort. There are luxurious amenities like a superb spa, two marvelous swimming pools that invite guests into an ambiance never met before, in which they can view the landscapes and enjoy every little bit of serenity.

The Etruscans discovered Maremma, hundreds of years before the Romans invaded the region. Long after this, in 1112, the Castello di Vicarello was built. And it stands up until today, awaiting guests in need of tranquility and comfort.

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