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Casa Brutale Is A Stunning Cliffhanger Concept Home

By Victor Baker


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Casa Brutale

Casa Brutale is an incredible mix of minimalist design and outrageous ideas, a jaw dropping example of futuristic architecture designed by OPA. Hanging on the high cliffs above the Aegean Sea, this conceptual residence looks like a true marvel of engineering, with a completely unique design that’s extremely functional as well.

At least, in theory, since this incredible home hasn’t been built yet. Casa Brutale was inspired by Adalberto Libera’s Italian masterpiece Casa Malaparte; it’s supposed to be constructed with simple materials including wood, glass and raw concrete. Nothing extends above the ground level, thus the construction won’t affect the surroundings and it will allow guests to focus only on the stunning views and the ocean.

Casa Brutale

So, what makes this extraordinary concept so special? Well, for instance, the roof of the residence consists of a crystalline pool made of reinforced glass, with a glazed bottom that allows natural light to flood the interior. The entire cliff-facing façade is covered with top-to-bottom glass, which makes enjoying the views a truly unique experience.

Fifty stairs down you will find a tall, rotating door of aged wood. Once you go passed it, you could find a simple home, with a cast concrete dining table accompanied by matching concrete benches, as well as a seating surface of wood and a beautiful fireplace.

A discreet steel staircase allows passage from the kitchen to the mezzanine, which is dedicated to the master bedroom. Also worth mentioning are the guest room, the storage area and a bathroom. I would totally love to live in a house like Casa Brutale one day.

Casa Brutale


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