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CarShoe celebrates Lamborghini

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A total of 350 Lambos have teamed up to roam the streets of Italy on the occasion of the Grand Giro Tour, as a celebration to the Italian automotive brand’s 50th anniversary. As the grand tour has already ended, it remains for us to describe something a little bit different. CarShoe, subsidiary brand of the Prada Group, has joined the celebration with a brand new line of driving shoes.

This is beyond the world of exquisiteness though, beyond all standards. As the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Lamborghini goes on travelling heights, we’re currently stuck to these shoes, which we adore. They even seem to be shaped like the cars Lamborghini manufactures and they are as extravagant as the cars they’re made for/after. They come in the traditional Lambo tones as well –  bright orange, navy blue and standard black.

The brandings on these shoes have been carefully placed, in strategic positions. We can see the Lamborghini and CarShoe emblems, clearly visible. These limited edition moccasins also boast metal logos of the 50th anniversary on the lace, while the Lamborghini shield has been enameled on the back and printed on the insole of the shoes. Stunning!

More details are here as well – they are crafted from state of the art, soft alligator leather, with additional soft leather studs starting their ascent from the rear. This is indeed a great looking shoe, fit for driving purposes and superbly manufactured by hand.


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