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C-119 Aileron Coffee Table for aviation lovers

By Adrian Prisca


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MotoArt is the company which designed this amazing little coffee table, which showcases a little of aviation history and it looks ultra modern even though it’s made from vintage, cloth covered airframes that come from a variety of different aircraft wing Ailerons that make it perfect for aviation lovers.

The C-119 Aileron Coffee Table could add enough charm to any room from your home and it could be also the focal point of your office for example. The mixture between glass, steel and aircraft wing parts seems like a perfect combination for a unique, interesting and contemporary coffee table.

MotoArt declared they have access to C-119’s, B-25’s as well as Albatross and Douglas aircraft parts that could be used for a table like this one. Each aircraft wing aileron is built into a tubular, structural frame that is powder coated and topped with two layers of tempered glass.


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