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Buscemi’s 100mm Diamond Sneaker Looks as Expensive as it is

By Victor Baker


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100mm Diamond Sneaker

Looking super stylish and in-line with the latest trends, the new Buscemi 100mm Diamond Sneaker will surely surprise you. This isn’t your average white shoe, and a keen eye will probably notice the diamonds, but that’s not all it has to offer.

Buscemi‘s latest limited edition sneakers feature the brand’s trademark 18-karat gold detailing, complemented by 11.5 carats worth of diamonds. The 100mm Diamond shoe shows off a tumbled white leather upper, which goes extremely well with the ultra-extravagant materials of the signature lock and hardware – walking has never seemed cooler, right? You might also want to click find out more about the world’s best shoe laces for them.

With more than 20 hours of work invested in every pair, these shoes are well worth while, which is why the 100mm Diamond sneakers will set you back exactly US$132,000 (AU$172,346) – no worries, there are no typos involved. Only available in-store at the brand’s new flagship in New York City, this is now the most expensive sneaker on the market.

A limited edition shoe, offering premium materials and enough bling to get anyone blinded temporarily – not to mention the exclusivity that comes with it – should be enough to justify said price-tag. But some of you might prefer getting a pretty fast car for that kind of money. Decisions, decisions!

100mm Diamond Sneaker

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