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The New Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition is the Perfect Track Toy

By Victor Baker


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Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition

The Lotus Exige has been a massive hit ever since it was launched, a super light and really fast two-seat roadster, that was just perfect for a quick spin around the track. In time, the Exige got better and better, and now the track-oriented sports car has just received a new sibling, and we’re not talking about the Exige Sport 350.

This ride is called Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition and it’s based on the most extreme Exige ever, honoring the car-maker’s 50 years of history in the best way possible. Featuring various lightweight, performance-enhancing features over the Sport 350, this special version is easy on the eyes as well.

Powered by a supercharged 3.5-liter V6 delivering 345 hp, the 1,099 kg/2,425 lbs race car will do 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a mere 3.9 seconds and will keep going until maxing out at 274 km/h (170 mph) top speed. To get a bigger perspective on things, this Lotus Exige will lap the famous Hethel track in just 1 minute 29.8 seconds.

Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition

Lotus went even further with this beauty, and fitted the special edition with lightweight carbon fiber sports seats, lightweight forged alloys, lightweight engine mounts, a lightweight center console with an exposed gear shift mechanism, as well as a Lithium-ion battery as standard  – you get the picture, don’t you?

It’s well worth mentioning that Lotus will only deliver 50 units of the Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition, with an MSRP of €81,900 ($91,459), on a “first-come, first served” basis, so if you like what you see right now, you really need to hurry up!

Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition

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