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Bulgari’s Diva Collection Featuring Elegant and Eye-Catching Timepieces

By Brody Patterson


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Bulgari’s Diva collection draws its inspiration from the house’s eponymous jewelry collection, as well as modern-day divas, and was created as a celebration of the Italian brand’s deep connection with movie stars, which has been going strong for decades now.

The series contains a number of stunning pieces, featuring delicate 18-carat white or rose gold cases and a glittering myriad of precious stones, including hundreds of tiny baguette –cut or brilliant-cut diamonds, emeralds, tourmalines, turquoises, rubellites, and amethysts. The timepieces also come with quartz movements customized for Bulgari.

It’s hard to say, really, if the watches in the Diva collection are instruments you use for timekeeping, or pieces of jewelry. Perhaps it is best to see them as works of art which just happen to tell the time as well. In any case, these timepieces blend the physical beauty of the materials used in their creation with an ineffable elegance only the most gifted artisans can achieve, creating elegant and eye-catching compositions that would grace the wrist of the most discerning ladies.

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