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Bulgari Celebrates 130th Anniversary with New B.zero1 ‘Roma’ Ring

By Brody Patterson


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Sotirio Bulgari started making jewelry in his hometown in western Greece, before moving to Italy in his early twenties and then finally arriving in Rome where he started the company which bears his name in 1884. In the years that followed, Bulgari became a global brand with a very prestigious clientele. The company decided to celebrate its 130th anniversary by launching a new ring as part of its iconic B.zero1 collection.

The new ring is a tribute to the Italian capital, the city that welcomed the brand’s founder so many years ago. The piece features four bands of warm, bronze ceramic surrounded by soft pink gold with the word Roma engraved on the edges.

Bulgari is expected to extend its celebratory activities in the near future, with the release of other special editions, which will include jewelry, watches, accessories, and perfumes.



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