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Bugatti has Unveiled the Most Expensive new Car Ever – “La Voiture Noire”

By Vlad Craciun


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Move over Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, there’s a new super expensive car in town! Bugatti has proudly unveiled a brand new hyper car just a few days ago at the 2019 edition of the renowned Geneva Motor Show,  a ravishing blacked-out machine with a humongous price tag, €11,000,000. Yes, that’s 11 million!

The new Bugatti hypercar, dubbed ‘La Voiture Noire’, is a sublime example of what a sports car should look like. It’s the most expensive new car ever produced, so it should be the best of the best with that ridiculous price tag.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic designed by Jean Bugatti, La Voiture Noire steals some features from the standard Chiron and puts together them together in a more extravagant super car, that would be even more exclusive than the four models of the original Atlantic.

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The new Bugatti has a longer nose than the Chiron, with radical headlights moved slightly back, just above the wheel arches. The engine position was kept in the back and it looks more impressive than ever. Though La Voiture Noire was inspired by the original Atlantic, the styling is a lot more polished and sophisticated, using the latest modern technologies.

The rear light bar style resembles that of a McLaren P1, while the six central exhaust pipes remind of the 57SC Atlantic design eccentricity. The engine under the hood is a massive 1,500 hp 8 liter W16 with unspecified performances. The super car will probably enter a private collection and it might available to the public eye only on special occasions.

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