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The Breathtakingly Beautiful Xálima Island House

By Brody Patterson


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Madrid-based Daniel Martin Ferrero, principal of Martin Ferrero Architecture, has recently revealed his latest project – Xálima Island House.

Located on an island far away, it proudly stands perched on the side of a mountain, high above the sea. Despite its isolation, Xálima is will certainly offer its owners all the modern amenities they need – in fact, this steel and glass structure will be an island of luxury on top the island itself. Floor-to-ceiling windows will offer residents breathtaking ocean views with no concerns whatsoever regarding privacy – it’s not there’s anybody else nearby!

The house is still just concept art, but it is bound to catch the eye of some billionaire who will want to adorn his private island with something really special. And Xálima is exactly that – according to the architect himself, it was designed as “a poem to the horizon framed by the sea”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. In fact, enough with the words. There’s a gallery below you should check out.


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