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Breathtaking Has a New Meaning with the New Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo

By Adrian Prisca


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2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo 1

Ferrari has recently taken the wraps off two incredible racecars, the new 488 GT3 Evo and this jaw dropping 488 Challenge Evo, both cars upgraded for 2020. The new 488 Challenge Evo features a brand new aero pack, that was specially designed to “maximize the synergy between aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics”.

The automaker’s brilliant engineers have crafted a new front end that’s apparently 30 per cent more aerodynamically efficient than the current 488 Challenge. The new front bumper features an extended front overhang that boosts downforce and optimizes balance, plus bigger radiator grille intakes and a new U-shaped intake at the center to feed the front brakes with more cool air.

There’s also a large front splitter with turning vanes and additional canards at the front, and the rear end of the car hasn’t been forgotten either. The Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo looks a bit like the FXX-K in the back, with a new rear wing that dramatically improves downforce as well. All in all, the new 488 Challenge Evo has 50 percent more downforce than the current model.

2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo 2

Another interesting update of the new 488 Challenge Evo is the option to modify front downforce independently of the rear, which means the driver can adjust the aerodynamic balance without having to change the car’s ride height. Ferrari also worked closely with Pirelli to develop a new set of high performance tires for this race car.

There’s also a new steering wheel inside the cockpit, an ABS management system that’s incorporated in the Manettino switch, E-Diff3 and F1-TCS control systems and a new rear camera to improve visibility. The 488 Challenge Evo is already up for orders, but if you’re the lucky owner of the current 488 Challenge you could also upgrade it with all these new parts.

2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo 3

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