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The Brando Is a Luxury Resort on the Island Paradise of Tetiaroa

By Brody Patterson


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Whilst filming one of his movies, legendary movie star Marlon Brando was fascinated by the tiny nearby Tetiaroa atoll. He purchased the place and spent as much time over there as possible, but never really got around to turning it into the truly luxurious resort it deserves to be. Decades later and 10 years after the actor’s death, this little piece of paradise finally got that resort, a spot aptly named The Brando.

It sits on one of twelve small islands (motus) that surround an amazing three mile-wide lagoon. In total, the all-inclusive resort boasts 35 luxurious villas, with private pools next to soft, white sandy beaches where you might encounter turtles or an exotic bird or two.

When developing in such a pristine piece of paradise, you have to make sure you leave the environment virtually undisturbed. The resort is thus 100% energy independent and built with local, renewable, or recycled materials. No effort has been spared to ensure the beauty of Tetiaroa remains unblemished.

That being said, The Brando still has all the making of a luxury resort. In addition to the great accommodations, there’s also the wonderful Varua Polynesian Spa, a true haven within a haven, as well as a number of fine dining options.



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