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Bow Down Before The $71 Million Pink Star Diamond

By Victor Baker


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Pink Star Diamond

Feel free to be impressed and possibly seduced by this young woman’s adorable smile and her beautiful eyes, but that’s not exactly what you should be focusing on right now. The staggering Pink Star diamond on her hand however, is something that we all should gawk at, drool over, and totally appreciate.

To clear things up, this uber-gorgeous and extremely rare diamond is a stunning 59.60 karat gem recently sold at an auction organized by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. The winning bid? How does $71.2 million sound like?

Pink Star Diamond

Hong Kong jewelry firm Chow Tai Fook decided this diamond was well worth the money. Before making any harsh comments, please note that this stone was graded as the largest polished diamond ever by the Gemological Institute of America – a new record. And this isn’t the first time the exotic rock has been put on sale – no surprises there.

The exclusive diamond now sits as the most expensive rock to be sold in its category, and it will most likely make one or a few lucky women (if the jewelry firm decides to split it into more pieces) as happy as any novelist could ever describe. What else could a man do with this incredible pink stone than offer it to a beautiful lady?

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