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Boucheron unveils the Quatre Black Edition

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Presented back in 2004, the Quatre collection was a stunning set of rings that amazed jewelry fans worldwide. Their creator, Boucheron, the renowned French jeweler, will now unveil the Quatre Black Edition, an updated version of the aforementioned collection.

The 2004 edition of the Quatre collection featured an array of gold bands, with variable widths, which allowed them to be fitted with diamonds. The second edition of the Quatre, presented during last year, was appointed “The White Edition” collection and comprised similar rings, adorned with a brand new material reportedly called white ceramic.

The latest collection, the 2012 Black Edition, includes the first Quatre ring to be decked with both white and black gold. The rings in the fabled collection have been adorned with intriguing designs, resembling the iconic motifs of the house, in a contemporary and elegant way.

The gadroon, “clous de Paris”, grosgrain and the line of diamonds are all marks of Boucheron, and they beautifully garnish this collection.


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