The beautiful ‘Le Palais’ in Beverly Hills, California, for sale

One of the most luxurious residences in California is up for sale. Found in Beverly Hills, this exquisite estate is ready to meet a new owner. We simply cannot imagine any negative word to say about the photos taken at the spot, as it’s a construction fit for praise. Every little detail is astonishingly well crafted and the exquisiteness of the materials and finishes it boasts with is simply stunning.

Set in the heart of Beverly Hills, this three-story property covers around 48,000 square feet of magnificent living spaces. It’s also the extremely private placement that confers this beauty such value. Reportedly named Le Palais, this home excels in luxury, with all sorts of antiquities and superb finishes.

It combines modern designs with classic features, wooden materials having been place virtually everywhere. In addition, the glass doors sport hand-cut glass similar to Lalique styles, while the crystal chandeliers dangling from the ceilings ensure a constant flow of relaxing, almost natural light. There are also all sorts of superbly-toned marble offsets, combined with shiny wooden surfaces that enhance the opulence of the construction.

Bringing it up into the 21st century, a top notch state of the art security, sound, control and computer system has been mounted in the exquisite La Palais. And let me tell you, the natural setting in which this home is placed is absolutely gorgeous. The property is surrounded by olive,  magnolia trees and palms.

The entire property covers 1.09 acres in total and comes decked with lush vegetation and rare species of plants. It also features a pool that only kings and queens can own and a swan pool that makes your mind go wild.

Outside, vehicles got a home of their own – a 10+ car garage can be found. Above all, it’s not only people who need accommodation, is it? And this residence brings forth everything you could possibly need. If you seek a welcoming place, unique, opulent, luxurious and sophisticated to call it home, than this might be the best answer we got for you so far. The only inconvenient is that such luxury costs quite a lot – $58 million in this particular case.