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Bose Finally Unveils a Wireless version of its QuietComfort 35 Headphones

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QuietComfort 35

When we think about noise-cancelling technology, Bose is the easily first name that comes to mind; it’s that simple. The American label is famous for its exquisite noise-cancelling headphones, a market that has become quite crowded recently.

Nonetheless, their products always stand out from a crowd due to the fact that Bose always delivers outstanding sound and quality, in a super stylish package. The most popular headphones from the company’s lineup, the Bose QuietComfort 35, have finally received a wireless version, something we’ve all wished for.

QuietComfort 35

The new QuietComfort 35 Wireless headphones are priced at $349, and can be purchased in both black and silver, featuring the brand’s noise cancellation environment, of course. Aside from that, the wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and NFC pairing comes in handy, and it’s going to be really appreciated by everyone.

Considering the maximum 20 hours of wireless listening per charge, and 40 hours when they’re wired, you won’t be getting upset about battery life any time soon. Please note the premium materials used in this project’s build, making these headphones incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Last, but not least, the Bose Connect app will aid users in managing their paired devices and deliver that personalized experience we all dream about.

QuietComfort 35

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