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The Kraken is here: a Ducati 750 SS from Iron Pirate Garage

By Victor Baker


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Ducati 750 SS

After the skilled people at Iron Pirate Garage unleashed a ravishing Buell XB9 Cafe Racer upon us, everyone started to pay more attention to their unique projects, and progress. As such, we couldn’t have missed out on talking about their latest build, specifically this custom Ducati 750 SS, which was dubbed as the Kraken.

As outrageous and impressive that name might sound, it seems to fit this bike perfectly, with its astonishing and highly technical design, proving the Italian company’s imagination is off the charts, as are their skills with the wrench. Let’s just hope you don’t need a wrench for this bike, even though we’d sure love to have worked on it!

Ducati 750 SS

Easily standing out of the pack, the Kraken seems to give a new meaning to blackout themes, showing off a detailed rear subframe, that brings the upright cylinder of the Ducati motor into the spotlight, to create a wonderful, flat bone line. You’ve probably noticed the yellow divide line as well, which adds a visual break to the menacing look of this bike.

Furthermore, this custom Ducati 750 SS also features a brand new exhaust system, that was finished with two horizontal pipes, which flank the frame’s underside. That wraps up the apocalyptic-looking design of this bike, which is probably perfect for an Iron Pirate. Looking forward to see what comes next from the Italian custom bike shop.

Ducati 750 SS

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