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Blancpain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel

By Brian Pho


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Precision watchmaker Blancpain has recently introduced the stunningly elegant Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel. This is yet again one extraordinary piece coming out the hands of a world famous timekeeping brand.

Those two intricate mechanisms, the tourbillon and the carrousel, are actually responsible for reducing the deviations induced by gravity in timekeeping rates of the mechanical timepieces. They aren’t actually as exclusive as you might think, but Blancpain has used them both, together, for the first time. Anyways, the carrousel is a true technological monument. The dial is designed in such a way that it sports cut-outs to provide an insight into both the mechanisms, while the sapphire crystal caseback gorgeously displays the rest of the movement – a stunningly efficient Blancpain calibre 2322.

At this moment the story gets a bit more complicated – the only solution for the tourbillon and the carrousel to work together would be a differential gearing system. Blancpain has actually installed one, whose main function is to average the rate between the carrousel and the tourbillon. The hands are driven by this averaged-out rate.

To cope with all this high-tech, the watchmaker has additionally installed a power reserve of seven days – this makes it all obvious – Blancpain’s expertise in extremely efficient timekeeping is astounding. The notoriously power-thirsty carrousel and tourbillon mechanisms don’t stand a chance of clearing this timepiece of its power. The last and most elegant touch is the alligator strapping lined with alzavel.


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