BKNY Design has created the V-Luxe iPad stand

The fever for iPads, iPhones and iPods is obviously untreatable by regular remedies. A brand mew iPad stand has sprung out from the ground of Brooklyn, New York, in the shape of the V-Luxe iPad stand, courtesy of BKNY Design.

The elegant piece is reportedly available in mahogany, cherry and walnut finish. It provides easy access to audio and power sources, and, furthermore, can act like an elegant piece of furniture for your room. It is compatible with both the first generation and the second generation iPads and is being sold alongside a matching speaker cabinet.

In order to adjust to different viewing angles, the stand can be easily tilted, while the speaker cabinet serves as home for the Bluetooth foxLv2 low profile speakers signed SoundsMatters. The iPad stand will be delivered from November, each unit priced at $1,500. At first, the brand will do a trial run by putting 15 stands on the market.