Beautifully Textured Lighting Fixtures by Suzusan-Shibori

Suzusan-Shibori is a brand new name on our pages, but what an entrance did it make! Made in Japan, their incredible lighting fixtures boast with a brand new look, awesome vibrant textures and a high note of simplicity.

A pleasure to look at them, they are covered in 100% polyester, a pretty much unseen material in lighting appliances. The material is careful twisted, wrapped and straightened to create unique shapes in different sizes. They can perfectly suit table-lighting, floor or pendant lamps. Signed Hiroyuki Murase, the lamps come in a whole variety of incredible patterns beautifully combined in quite-strange but tranquil matrixes.

Pick any of these and hang them above your dining table or sitting area, or simply choose a pack and arrange them on and around the floor to create superb patterns and unique ground designs. They are chic, interesting and unique, this making them ideal for exquisite-lovers.