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Azabu Masterpiece Penthouse in Tokyo for Sale

By Adrian Prisca


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Japan is the country of the never-ending sun and continuous economical progress. It’s probably the busiest country in the world and homes here have to relax you after all that busy life. That’s exactly what this gorgeous residence located in one of Tokyo’s best areas is able to do.

This luxurious penthouse is extremely spacious, and was redesigned with the goal of hosting a large family. Located within the famous Minami Azabu, the residence was first bought by its current owner and has afterwards undergone an 18-month renovating process. This is when it received its final shape.

Hiroshi Senju himself has one of its art pieces painted in the living room. The majority of the furniture is penned down by Ceccotti Collezioni, while the Italian imported stone and wood with which the doors, walls and flooring are decked with also bares the respective name.

The dining room sports a traditional Japanese Ryotei style, specific for parties where experienced chefs can serve his guests directly from the gourmet kitchen. For more privacy there is also another dining room that boasts a Parisian-style terrace that overlooks the tranquility of the Arisugawa Park. Le Cornue high-end appliances decorate the fresh kitchen.

Let’s change the subject and study the bedrooms now. We found out that the bedroom features a large walk-in closet, imposing in sizes. There’s also a spacious bathroom decked with a clean hot tub and a 60-inch flat screen TV. By the entrance, a large hallway makes way to a huge shoe-storage unit that can host up to 200 pairs.

Outside, the garden is surrounded by a corridor designed to be a lounge area for guests and family, to let them enjoy gorgeous views and smells. The penthouse is currently listed for $22.3 million, or around €16.7 million. Making abstraction of the astonishing prices, we’d say it’s a once in a lifetime occasion.


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