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Awesome Avengers movie themed desk by Tom Spina Designs

By Adrian Prisca


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After penning-down and crafting unique designs like the Carbonite desk and Throne chair, Tom Spina is now presenting his view of how a desk should look. Having as target the charity-fan Mark Hall, who auctioned off his limited edition furniture for charity purposes, Spina conceived the Avengers desktop.

Probably due to have the same fate as Hall’s furniture, this franchise-inspired desk is suitable for keeping precious, unforgettable stuff and display them at the same time. Tom Hall donated his collection of official movie memorabilia to the artist, in order to encase them and use them with the product.

This was possible after Spina got together with Richard Riley and proposed Hall the idea. Among the pieces, we mention Captain America’s shield, the Iron Man helmet, the Nich Fury needle gun and Thor’s Hammer. These imaginary characters are taking part in the movie.

The desk is made of faux stone, which presumably is a lighter and tough type of stone. It’s beautifully lighted, the metal edges give it a weighted aspect, there are slick-sculpted carved spaces for the props, it has hidden chambers and the glass top makes a fine finish.
For those that enjoy surreal videos, this piece could be a nice piece of interior and e smart way to decorate your corner.


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