Georgiana Grama

Fashion Editor

Part time fashion blogger, part time influencer, Georgiana brings a touch of style to Luxatic. Before she joined our team she used to contribute to renowned fashion magazines from her country like Elle, Marie Claire or Glamour. For the most part she focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, but that was just a few drops in the bucket of content that she spread over the years.



Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed about becoming a model or being somehow involved in the fashion world. She always liked dressing up really nice and looking pretty all the time, and growing up, she realized that this was more than just a simple hobby for her.

That’s exactly why she started her own fashion blog and became a frequent contributor to other fashion magazines (including Luxatic), to show off her style and her ideas. Her fascination with fashion was so profound that she even enrolled in an arts and fashion school to further deepen her understanding and knowledge of the industry.

Apart from covering the fashion scene here on Luxatic, she's also an avid fan of crafts and traveling, and every now and then she also assists our other writers on special editorial projects.


Georgiana has a Bachelor's degree in Arts from Sibiu's Lucian Blaga University and also attended Milan's famous Istituto Marangoni fashion school.

EXPERTISE: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
EDUCATION: Lucian Blaga University, Istituto Marangoni
LOCATION: Sibiu, Romania
TITLE: Fashion Editor

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