Australia’s $25M Maitraya Would be Perfect for James Bond


It had to be mentioned, one way or another – Daniel Craig has agreed to be part of the Bond franchise for two new movies, and I’m sure we’re all excited! That’s why we think this extraordinary property, called Maitraya, could be the perfect hideaway for someone like James Bond, when the famous British spy needs a few days off.

Located in Nanarup, Australia, this mind blowing home is now on the market for a staggering $25 million, but it’s worth every single penny if you ask us. Comprising 15 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and covering a total of 6,953 square feet of luxurious living areas over three buildings, this property also includes 500 acres of pristine oceanfront land, bordering a National Park and with 3 beaches read to be enjoyed.

The main residence is a stunning 8-bedroom sandstone manor, while a 5-bedroom Fisherman’s Lodge and a 2-bedorom Aviator’s Cottage are also on site, complemented by an airstrip and a helicopter pad, if you want to arrive here in style. But the future owners of this property and their privileged guests will also appreciate the charming theatre room, the tennis court or the gymnasium, not to mention the fantastic indoor pool, spa & sauna.


Maitraya is more than just a lavish home; it’s one of Australia’s most coveted coastal properties, a private retreat promising world class living, serene views, privacy, adventure and freedom, in one unforgettable package. Apart from all the aforementioned amenities, this unique home also comes with two fully equipped kitchens, a light-filled garden atrium and a secure children game area, while the outdoors are just an incredible bonus.

Whales, dolphins, and kangaroos can be spotted from the homestead’s vast windows, while the external areas of the property also include sculptures and works of art by well known international artists. Without doubt Maitraya is a dream home for most of us, but before you could make your dreams come true, you will have to come up with $25 million, though.