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The Aston Martin Zygote High-End Audio System by Audiomoda

By Brody Patterson


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Norwegian luxury audio manufacturer Audiomoda has collaborated with Aston Martin, a company which needs no further introduction, in order to create a high-end stand-alone compact audio system for the home. Dubbed the Aston Martin Zygote, this exquisite piece of equipment is quite minimalistic in design, yet packs a serious punch in terms of sound quality.

The Zygote boasts state-of-the-art Class D Amplifiers with more than 240 Watts of power, as well as with DSP platform and high-end digital-to-analogue (DAC) and ADDA converters, to name just as few of its technical features. What’s remarkable about such an advanced piece of equipment is that you only need to plug in the power cord and that’s it – the Aston Martin Zygote just works and can connect wirelessly to any audio source or to another Zygote unit.

The luxurious Aston Martin Zygote integrated high performance stereo audio system is available in three eye-catching color schemes: Morning Frost White, Madagascar Orange, and Onyx Black.

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