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Anderson Germany’s Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

By Adrian Prisca


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For some Ferrari owners, the look of a standard Ferrari may not be enough, and tend to want even more. It’s quite a paradox, the “tuned Ferrari”, but it’s reality. And it looks like there are companies that tune Ferraris and do it really well. Such a tuner is Anderson Germany, from Dusseldorf.

They took a Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano and modified a long list of parts. It’s not their first attempt; they actually did it during March this year as well. This black-widow style Ferrari has been trimmed both on the outside and the inside, where they added a combination of black carbon leather and quilted red leather with red stitching.

Carbon fiber has been used a lot as well, for the center console, door handles, gear shift and door sills, all these contributing to this version’s lower weight. The outside of the car has been painted in black with red stripes going over the bonnet, roof top and boot lip. It was also added a carbon fiber kit, red brake-calipers and new set of 21-inch rims painted in gloss black with red lines.

The main part of this change process is hidden under the bonnet: a V12 with a modified ECU software and custom sport-exhaust, bringing its generated power to 674HP. This amount of horses allows the car to get from naught to 62mph (100km/h) in a bit over 3 seconds.


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