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Cool Optimus keyboards by Art Lebedev Studio

By Adrian Prisca


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Art Lebedev launched the Optimus series, a collection of keyboards with multiple functions and customizable keys, packed with a modern-design. They have recently released the upgraded versions of the series, the Optimus Populyaris & Optimus Mini Six.

This private company was founded back in 1995 and it currently has a working staff of 200 people. Their services include web design, interface design and advanced industrial matters. They are set on efficiency, both finding the simplest solution to problems and not derailing from it.

The Mini Six is a sleek keyboard, its main point is the set of six customizable keys that can be assigned any function, from running programs to displaying information related or non-related to the program currently in use. This piece is fit to be set as an indicator with animated, or, why not, static graphics, remote control or Tools panel.

The Populyaris on the other hand is a more compact keyboard configured with a load of options, from programs to languages, like Russian, English, Photoshop, etc. These keyboards are the perfect choice for busy computer addicts and alike that seek to have as many functions as possible at the touch of their hand.


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