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The Amazing JIBO Family Robot

By Brody Patterson


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JIBO, developed by social robotics pioneer Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, is touted as the world’s first truly helpful and intelligent family robot.

This intriguing machine features two high-resolution cameras which can recognize and track faces, while also taking photographs and enabling video calling. JIBO is programmed to learn your preferences and adapt to your lifestyle, and can also play back reminders and messages, as well as respond to you wherever you are in the room, using its 360degree° microphones and natural language processing capabilities to detect your speech.

The ultimate goal of the team that designed JIBO is to create not only an intelligent personal assistant, but also a robotic member of the family. JIBO is not only meant to help you with everyday tasks and chores, but also uses natural social and emotive cues to communicate in a way that no other device currently on the market does.

Crowdfunding for the project has recently started on Indiegogo, with the campaign already blowing through its initial goal. A $499 pledge will still get you a JIGO which ships in 2016, with the campaign ending on the 15th of August.

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