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Top 10 Best Travel Blogs

By Brody Patterson


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There are plenty of people who travel the world not just as tourists getting away from it all for a couple of weeks, but as what you might call ‘professional adventurers’. Their stories and their photos are very interesting and entertaining, and their insights into the places they visit are extremely valuable for the less experienced explorer.

We’ve travelled the internet searching for the best travel blogs and put together the following list. In no particular order, since they’re all excellent and well worth a read, they are:

10. Canvas of Light

Canvas of Light was started by freelance professional photographer Daniel Nahabedian after discovering photography in 2008. While he does also write about the places he visits and takes pictures of, it’s the photos that quite frankly steal the show. You’d be hard pressed to find a better travel photographer on the internet, especially when it comes to sunsets and thunderstorms, two of Nahabedian’s favorite subjects.

The blog is also filled with helpful tips for aspiring photographers, so if you’re into that sort of thing and what to take amazing snapshots of your travels, Canvas of Light is the place to visit.

9. Go, See, Write

In 2008, Michael Hodson left a decade-long career as an Arkansas attorney in order to circumnavigate the globe. He’s never looked back (or through an airplane window) ever since.

A big proponent of on-the-ground travel (for environmental reasons, but also because it allows you to see more of the places you’re visiting), Hodson has been criss-crossing the planet on cars, buses, trains, and even boats these past few years, recording his travels on his blog, Go, See, Write.

8. Nomadic Matt

“Nomadic” Matthew Kepnes was inspired to start travelling the world after a fateful trip to Thailand in 2005. Now, his blog aims to inspire others to set out on their own adventure.

The Nomadic Matt website is one of the most helpful online resources for those who want to get the most out of their trip on a shoestring budget. Matt’s advice has been even featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, or The Huffington Post, among other respected publications.

7. Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte holds the distinction of being the youngest American to visit every country in the world, which makes his insight on traveling absolutely priceless.

From the most famous destinations in the world, like Mount Kilimanjaro, the Galapagos Islands, or Victoria Falls, to places most people have never even heard of, like the breakaway territory of Transnistria, or the tiny East African nation of Djibouti, and then on again to countries most of us wouldn’t think of visiting, like North Korea or Afghanistan – Lee Abbamonte has seen them all, and writes about everything in a an entertaining, personal way, making his blog a real must-read for travelers wherever they plan on heading to.

6. The Planet D

The Planet D documents the adventures of Dave and Deb. In addition to the amazing photographs and great writing, the story of this married couple from Toronto, Canada is a source of inspiration for travelers who’d like to see the world, but can’t find the courage to start or think adventure doesn’t go well with married life.

The pair have cycled through Africa, studied Muay Thay in Thailand, and trekked to the Everest Base Camp, showing that marriage doesn’t necessarily have to be sedentary and boring if you still have the drive to do awesome new things.

5. Legal Nomads

Jodi Ettenberg quit her job as a New York lawyer in 2008 (it seems there was something about that year that just made you quit your job and just hit the road) in order to travel for a year or so.

Unsurprisingly, law didn’t quite as appealing after that, so Jodi decided to stay on the road, developing the website she started to post photos and share stories with her friends and family into a highly regarded online resource for travel stories and tips, especially if it’s food-related.

4. Johnny Vagabond

Wes Nations first though up the idea of creating a traveling website back in 1998, but it was only years later that he decided to quit his job and fulfill his dream of traveling the world. It all started as a one year stay in Southeast Asia, but as it so often happens, the adventure bug got hold of him and never left.

Now, Johnny Vagabond is “traveling cheap, taking pics, and telling lies” – doing all of this “low and slow”, the best of way to truly experience what life is like in the places you visit. He’s also one of the best, most entertaining storytellers you’ll find on the web.

3. LandLopers

LandLopers is a blog set up by Matt Long as a means of both documenting his travels around the world, but also helping fellow travelers get the most out of their own journeys.

What makes his experience somewhat unique is the fact that, as Matt himself puts it, he is neither a backpacker, nor is he living off of a trust. His perspective is that of a normal guy, with a mortgage, a family, and three dogs – someone passionate about adventure and who’s made traveling his profession.

2. World of Wanderlust

At quite the young age, 22-year-old Australian Brooke Saward has yielded to her wanderlust and started traveling the world solo, documenting her journeys on The World of Wanderlust, one of the world’s most popular travel blogs.

Not only is she not intimidated by the prospect of visiting new places all by herself, she’s actually a big proponent of solo travel. The blog is filled with helpful travel tips, as well as photographs, and is written in a very easy to read, casual style.

1. Wandering Earl

Towards the end 1999, Derek Earl Baron left home for what was supposed to be a three-month long, post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia. Fourteen years and almost 90 countries later, Earl is yet to return from his adventure – and it’s unlikely he’s do so anytime soon.

Wandering Earl has been traveling the world for longer than anyone else on this list by far, making his insight into the nomadic lifestyle is absolutely invaluable.

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