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Alexander Amosu has unveiled this Solid Gold Electric Scooter

By Victor Baker


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The famous luxury designer Alexander Amosu has teased us with his newest luxury sensation, a solid 18k carat gold electric scooter, designed for those who just love opulence and produced only upon request.

One of these solid gold scooters have been already sold to a Middle Eastern client, featuring 13,888 grams of PURE gold and sold for a staggering £250,000 or close to $400,000. There’s also a much cheaper version of this luxurious scooter, that will be available in a limited run only with a 24k gold finish.

Available in yellow, pink and white gold, the golden scooter will set you back just £999 or $1,564, weighting about 13 kg. A full-charge will take two hours and will last for a 15 mile ride, at a maximum speed up to 9.3mph.

Just to remind you, Alexander Amosu has created some of the world’s most outrageous designs, including the first and most expensive iPhone 2, a solid gold Blackberry and also the most expensive champagne in the world, valued at $1.8 million.


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