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The AirFish 8 Will Make Your Heart Race

AirFish 8

It’s a plane, it’s a boat, or a flying fish! Looking like something designed to deliver enjoyable space travels, the AirFish 8 is actually a marine vessel that moves you effortlessly across the waves – and really, really fast. Safe, stylish and comfortable, this unique sea-craft was designed by a Singapore-based company called Wigetworks.

The AirFish 8 is based on WIG technology and exploits a commonly experienced phenomenon called Ground Effect (GE), which allows this man-made creation to hover above the water surface, thus allowing it to look cool and be really impressive. I’m not sure about you, but I remember dreaming about this outrageous design about a decade ago.

AirFish 8

Wild dreams aside, it’s been ten years since the Airfish 8 prototype had undergone extensive sea-trials. Today, the AirFish 8 is an 8 to 10 seater designed to be operated by a crew of two. A powerful yet compact V8 car engine runs on 95 Octane automotive-grade unleaded gasoline to take you wherever you might want to go – I’m not sure about performance numbers, though.

This vessel looks so good that the people over at Wigetworks have already started looking for suitable manufacturers to help them establish a production line and deliver more Airfish 8 units all around the world. It seems there’s a pretty big demand for this thing, and I’m not surprised at all.

AirFish 8


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