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Affordable Luxury: Lily Beach Resort & Spa in Maldives

By Adrian Prisca


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It seems like we can’t let go of the Maldivian atmosphere. And we’re entitled to keep talking about resorts in the famous archipelago as it’s one of the most serene and beautiful spots in the world. This time we’ve chosen the Lily Beach Resort & Spa, a place encased by superb coral reefs, lush tropical vegetation and pristine beaches.

The resort is also known as the first 5 star All-Inclusive Platinum Plan Resort in the Maldives, said to be the pioneer of “affordable luxury”. In addition, it boasts with excellent services, state of the art amenities, superb lounge and accommodation facilities and a natural setting that imprints memories deep in your brain.

There’s a local description of the accommodation units which we wanted to point out. Here it is: “The primary objective has been to upgrade the resort to a high quality, luxury experience. Only natural materials are used for all its villas as well as public areas. The final product is a fusion of contemporary design and local Maldivian architecture. It is a wonderful combination of wood, different kinds of natural stones and modern design, which blend in creatively with the natural surroundings of the island.”

As its name says, besides being an exquisite resort, this place features a superb spa, considered by the locals to be “a sanctuary for the inner self”. It includes glass-floored over-water pavilions, exotic fragrances, natural materials and majestic treatment sessions.


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