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Adidas and Porsche Design present luxury sneakers line

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Two of the most influential brands, Porsche and Adidas, have embarked upon what it seems to be a fruitful collaboration to manufacture and commercialize top notch men’s sneakers. Reportedly named the Adidas Porsche Design Sport line, the series follows a prized collaboration, presented with the Plus X Award.

Now, let’s speak about these sneakers. The Adidas Porsche Bounce line features lever arms and metal springs as parts of their inbuilt suspension which increase propulsion and make training a lot better and easier. It works through transforming vertical forces into horizontal forces.

In addition, as effort may bring up heat, sweat, discomfort and even pain, the footwear sport mesh fabrics in order to keep the wearer’s feet cozy, cool and dry, along with a great deal of stability, elasticity and lightness.

Besides the Bounce series of sneakers, which is priced at around $310 (£200) a pair, Porsche and Adidas have also presented a whole array of sneaker models as part of the abovementioned collection, for a large list of purposes, like tennis, driving, golfing, football, running, jogging and many more, mainly priced up to $500 (£325).

Apart from shoes, the Adidas and Porsche duo have also launched a different collection of sports gear, from cycling pants to even hoodies, the Gym Easy shoes being part of this sole collection. These collection features ergonomic designs, for better carrying and packing in gym bags as well as cushioning and the line’s signature architectural sole for better comfort and efficiency.

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