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A fantastic villa with Private Beach in La Celvia, Italy

Located in Italy, in the renowned La Celvia, this private villa-and-beach property on the famous Costa Smeralda is one of the most incredible properties from this area. Situated only a few minutes’ drive away from the center of Porto Cervo, it’s the perfect spot for sun-bathing and swimming.

The villa was penned down by Jacques Couelle and got recently renovated on the interior. It features design based on classic Couelle-style mixing stones, pink granite and wood, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are decorated with colored ceramics as well.

Overviewing the Cala di Volpe Bay, the villa is positioned directly on the sea shore, among 8,000 square meters of gineprus and rosemary-full gardens. All these mark the path towards the turquoise waters of the sea and the private white-sand beach, guarded by huge pink Sardinia boulders.

Overall, it makes a gorgeous residence, a superb hide-away and, at a price of €25,000,000, it surely is one of the most expensive estates in the world. But the inside, outside and the panoramas are really worth the price.



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