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Richard Mille RM 056 Chrono-Tourbillon Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Based on the looks of cars, planes and especially on fiction, Richard Mille has produced a great number of watch models that can be described as slick, futuristic, utterly technical, innovative and unique. To go on with his tradition, he’s now presented the RM056 – a tourbillion-based watch, with a great degree of accuracy and stunning looks.

Being entirely encased in sapphire, it boasts a unique look, the case being carved from a solid piece of sapphire. Beautifully shaped and put together in such a way that it still has enough space to contain the large amount of parts, its interior extent is well used and lets room for the intricate movement. Thus, it has a note of innovation through featuring the lightest split-chrono tourbillion ever made.

It comes in a limited edition of 5 pieces, adding to its exquisiteness, while the price of the RM056 differentiates its clientele – $1,65 million a piece. We can currently only dream of such a gadget.


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