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8 Luxury Fashion Trendsetters on Instagram you Have to Follow

By Adrian Prisca


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From fashion designers and celebrity stylists to chic boutiques and luxe ladies, more and more fashion trend-setters are taking to Instagram to share their latest outfits, styles, and designs. This has made Instagram a virtual fashion runway. Here are the 8 Instagram trend-setters that every luxury fashion lover should follow, including bloggers, brands and boutiques:

1. Jessica Alba

Known as one of the most fashionable Hollywood celebrities, Jessica Alba has continued to influence the latest trends each season with her flared skirts and endless stream of chic scarves. Alba has been known to lead with many recent fashion trends, including wearing fun fedoras and gold ear cuffs. Although she spends her days acting and working on her brand, The Honest Company, she was still able to attend the Paris Fashion Week show this season.

2. Cartier

When it comes to luxury fashion, Cartier is one of the most well-known brands for fine jewelry and luxury timepieces. Their instagram page is relatively new but their name needs no introduction and is growing fast.  The have been featuring glamor shots of favorite and new pieces, such as the timeless Tortue watch to their legendary Love bracelet.

3. Rachel Zoe

With designer, editor and stylist after her name, Rachel Zoe represents everything fashion has to offer. She has continued to influence the latest looks on the runway and the streets along with candid photos of her busy career. Her latest photos posted on the app involve clutch and heel designs for the Oscars, with hot metallic and jewelled details. This trendy designer continues to build up a large Instagram following by revealing the latest released looks even before they appear in stores.

4. Dior

From baby tuxes to mens’ footwear, Dior displays its unique looks daily on its Instagram page. For those who want to see the latest looks from this world-famous brand, it’s an easy way of staying current with their seasonal collections. They even display photos of the most recent celebs that are seen wearing incredible pieces in public from their label. They also feature their makeup quite often with posts of product itself and on a model, which also makes it a great tutorial and pushes their latest makeup trends.

5. Song of Style

Aimee Song first gained notoriety as a blogger who promoted her designs as an interior decorator, but she has since become more popular for her fashion choices thanks to the luxury labels she wears. Between faux fur coats and Chanel espadrilles, this young female fashionista loves all things fancy for a gorgeous wardrobe that she promotes to her followers.

6. Opulent Jewelers

Between glittering charm bracelets and oversized luxury watches, Pennsylvania boutique Opulent Jewelers works to keep their clientele current with their Instagram page for photos that boast trending styles in the high-end fashion world. With plenty of online jewelry boutiques out there, Opulent is one doing instagram right with original, quality shots and videos of designer jewelry and watches. They feature popular pieces from top jewelry brands like Bulgari, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier.

7. Lily Collins

As the daughter of rock star Phil Collins, Lily Collins has worked hard to make a name for herself as a fashion icon, even more so than as an actress. She’s considered today’s modern Audrey Hepburn by stylist Wendy Elsmore, and stands out thanks to her signature thick eyebrows and eclectic style. The photos she posts are inspiring to her followers due to their chic and artistic nature, with showcased pieces that range from western glass slippers to futuristic stilettos.

8. Lauren Scruggs

As a fashion blogger and founder of LOLO Magazine, Lauren Scruggs an online authority on womens style.  She works to inform her readers of the latest trends and looks on her Instagram page by doing all of their fashion homework for them. She updates the app daily with fun photos that highlight everything from looks at a Rebecca Minkoff runway show to her stylish outfit of the day. For all of the looks she posts, she also includes the brand names and links for a convenient way to purchase the style.

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