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The 747 Mirage Yacht Tender, by Frauscher Shipyard

By Brody Patterson


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The German-based Frauscher Shipyard is introducing its new 747 Mirage yacht tender. Its name is reminiscent of not only the optical illusion, but also the famous French military jet, while the number also reminds one of Boeing’s Jumbo Jet – all of which instantly suggests we’ve talking about a high- performance boat.

The 7.47-meter boat features a sleek, aggressive design, with heavy emphasis placed on dynamics. Available in a number of different engine options, which range from 220 to 430 horsepower, the 747 Mirage can reach top speeds of about 56 knots.

The interior, on the other hand, is all about space and comfort. There’s an L-shaped bench with two foldable backrests, while the co-driver backrest can be folded to create a sheltered chaise longue. In addition to this, you can create another sunbathing area by flipping down the main backrest. Finally, there’s a big cushion in the cabin which can be fastened on the front outside deck of the vessel, creating another potential sunbed.

The price for the 747 Mirage starts at €117,900 (VAT excluded).


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