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$5 Million Hublot’s Big Bang Ladies timepiece

By Adrian Prisca


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The watch, designed for single ladies, continues the tradition of Louis Vuitton’s Hublot brand. After the release of the extravagant Big Bang Diamond men’s watch, literally covered in diamonds, this $5 million version is an addition to the growing deluxe ladies’ watches market, which is expected to get 30% wider from 2010 to 2012.

The brand offers a load of exclusive watches, the prices varying from $39,000 the cheapest tutti-frutti multi-colored watch up to multi-million dollar timepieces. Their top aim is exclusivity. This means catching the interest of high-paying female persons is quite easy for the Hublot brand; this explains their current competitive standing on the market.

Being bathed in diamonds summing up over 300 carats, this version is currently the most expensive timepiece produced by Hublot; still, the designers haven’t released out any more info on it, but judging from the pictures, only the most rich and exclusive will get to wear this piece. Also, if you are situated in this category, get to look over Valentine Big-Bang Red gold watch, a distinct product of LVH.

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