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5 Genius Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, staying organized can be quite challenging. From utensils and glassware to food, pantry items, and kitchen appliances, there are so many items to stow away in your kitchen. It’s also challenging to figure out how you should store things like cutting boards, food wraps, baking sheets, pot lids, plastic containers, and more.

Keep in mind that every kitchen has its quirks, and you must consider them when organizing your kitchen. Whether you are organizing items in your kitchen drawers, tiny cabinets, or working with insufficient storage space, here are five hacks to keep your kitchen organized.

1. Create a plan before you begin organizing your kitchen

Create a plan before organizing your kitchen

It is tempting to start rifling through kitchen cabinets and drawers looking for items that you no longer need. Chances are that you will give up,  because you will feel overwhelmed well before you finish organizing the kitchen space. So, it is recommended to plan the entire project – get some bags ready, label the bags for the things you want to donate, and have separate boxes for the items you want to toss away.

Know exactly where you want to place your espresso machine and other appliances. If you have limited kitchen space, consider using your walls creatively. For example, having magnetic knife holders for your wall can help keep all your knives off the kitchen counter.

2. Declutter your kitchen drawers

luxury kitchen drawers

First, look around your kitchen and write down the things you use frequently and the specific drawers that house them. Are these drawers cluttered? Do you need to walk across the room to get a knife? How far is your dishwasher from your utensils? Or do you frequently bend to pick something from the bottom drawer when you’re cooking something?

If your answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, you need to make your kitchen more efficient. Declutter your kitchen drawers. Start by removing everything from the drawers to rearrange the items effectively. Keep all drawers organized as this will create more space and make it easier for you to find the specific items you might need during your regular activities in the kitchen. 

3. Clean out your cabinets

Clean out your cabinets

Handle your kitchen cabinets the same you decluttered the drawers. Think about the items you use frequently and their proximity to your work station, sink, and dishwasher.

Remove all the items in your kitchen cabinets, donate or throw away what you no longer use, and rearrange your cabinets to boost efficiency in your kitchen.

4. Keep kitchen countertops organized

Keep kitchen countertops organized

Have you ever realized that kitchen countertops seem to have an invisible magnet that attracts clutter? Now that you have decided to organize your kitchen, it might be the right time to get serious about purging. You have organized your kitchen cabinets and drawers, and it’s time to clean up your countertops too and identify what you should place on them.

One of the common things that clutter countertops includes your bills, receipts, catalogues, coupons, and other forms of clutter. To limit the amount of paper that ends up on your kitchen countertop, switch to online bill payments and paperless statements. It is also recommended to have a small container where you can put your bill statements and other peppers and keep them organized.

5. Pay attention to your pantry

luxury kitchen pantry

Just like your bedroom closet, finding the right item you need in your pantry can be a lesson in perseverance and patience. If this is the case, it’s crucial to include your pantry in your declutter endeavour. Start by emptying it and identify the items that you need and those that you don’t need. The chances are that you’ll find food items that may have expired several months or years ago.

Having only the right items in your pantry creates more storage space and makes it easier for you to find whatever you want anytime. Consider arranging the items by category. For example, you can put the pasta in one storage container, rice in another storage container, and kid’s snacks in a kid-friendly container. This makes it easier to label the products by category and keep your pantry more organized.


organize your luxury kitchen

Your kitchen is an important area of your home that’s used more than all other areas. This is why you should always ensure that your kitchen is well-organized and simple to use. Simple tips like using drawer dividers, keeping your fridge clean and tidy, and keeping your countertops clutter-free are some of the most effective ways to keep your lovely kitchen organized. 

Depending on the nature of your kitchen and your desired final look, you can either handle the project on your own or hire an expert.


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