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43wallytender from Wally Yachts – Fascination In Motion

43wallytender 1

Good news from Wally Yachts! The well known Monaco-based yacht brand has just revealed a fresh new toy for superyacht owners. Their latest luxury tender is called 43wallytender and follows the introduction of the superb ‘tender X‘.

Sitting at only 43 feet (13 meters) in length, this stunning cruiser was designed to be multifunctional, perfect for exploring or relaxing day trips with your family and friends, or acting as a resort shuttle.

43wallytender 2

The 43wallytender will gladly accommodate as many as 12 people on board, offering them high speed thrills and a comfy layout – did you ever hit 40 knots on a yacht tender?

Designed around a center cockpit, for protection and practicality, this gorgeous tender also offers a cool blend between open-air and comfort.

43wallytender 3

Wally added some yacht-level luxury amenities to this small vessel, with features such as generous bathroom facilities, with separate shower compartments, a spacious cabin, not to mention a wide range of deck configurations.

The company’s brilliant team has been working their magic on tenders for about 25 years now, and it honestly shows.

43wallytender 4

But they are not out of fresh ideas; like, for instance, the new ‘center cockpit’ concept. The standard 43wallytender will arrive with a few new features, such as the carbon t-top, LED deck lighting, concealed hydraulic push-button anchor system, side-opening bulwark wings, or the wraparound fender system – feel free to further customize to your liking.

43wallytender 5

Delivering cool aesthetics and extraordinary performance, this sleek tender was developed alongside the Ferretti Group’s technical engineering department. This means an ultra light construction, with advanced composites and carbon fiber, alongside stunning colors.

43wallytender 7

The future owners of this tender will have a full armory of accessories and features at their disposal, which can be stored when not in use. Watersports activities are only a thought away, with space to stow wakeboards, scuba diving tanks, and other small water toys on this Wally tender.


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