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4 Ideas to Blend Pearl Jewellery with Your Modern Glam Outfits

Pearl Jewellery Keshi

Although athleisure and comfort continue to control fashion trends, glam remains a prevailing theme in modern fashion design. Think of fur coats, clothes with simple lines, statement jewelry, feminine heels. Glam is, by no doubt, looking luxurious and fancy. Yet, today, glam can also mean a belted jumpsuit and bold lipstick, or high waist pants and a crop top. It is all in the details, statement pieces, like jewelry, that can enhance a woman’s style. And truth be told, there is no better jewelry than pearls that are so good in altering an outfit and catching the true essence of the glam style.

Pearl jewelry epitomizes refined chic, femininity, and sophistication. A strand of pearls is the perfect piece of jewelry that can be paired with your classic gown or an elegant jumpsuit. Pearl earrings add elegance to a white button-down t-shirt and black slacks for the office. You could also opt for a pearl bracelet matched with a blazer for an extra glam on those crazy days when everything is going haywire. Pearls just continue to be the most wanted classic jewelry in 2020 and they are all so unique, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the right one for you. Fortunately enough, if you still haven’t found the right fit for your jewelry box, you can click here and choose from the wide variety of options.

Nevertheless, knowing how to wear pearls is equally crucial as owning ones. The main principle to remember is to keep the look simple. So, with that in mind, let us take a look at some of the many ways you can blend pearls with your modern glam outfits.

Pearls for Classy Elegance

Pearls Classy Elegance

The real beauty of pearls lies in the fact that they are a powerful and timeless piece of jewelry. A string of white pearls styled with simple pearl stud earrings and a refined pearl bracelet is something most women have to own for formal occasions. You can mostly see this polished pearl set matched with glam dresses, or the famous little black dress.

However, this simple yet powerful combination can also bring class and elegance when styled with a black turtleneck blouse and white pants. For those chilly days, a fur coat is just the cherry on the top for this combination.

Pearls as Layered Sophistication

Pearl Necklaces

The only thing that is more stylish than a strand of pearls is more and more and more pearls. Layered pearl jewelry is, sort to speak, the ultimate declaration of dazzling sophistication. You can layer pearl necklaces, bracelets, and pearl rings as well. They look so sophisticated that they are appropriate for black-tie events, benefits, galas, and similar upscale social gatherings and more toned-down occasions, such as going to the office or on dates.

If you want to layer pearl necklaces, go bold with the number of strands, but keep them in gradual lengths with one to three pearl necklaces longer than the others. That will give you a refined look, which is excellent for upscale parties where you can pair them with your fancy dresses, or wear them matched with your office attire. This idea also works for dates in a more casual combination like a crop top and high waist pants, where they add up a little bit of glamour. Another exciting approach is to layer different color pearl neckless or mix them with chain necklaces, for a more charismatic street glam combinations.

Pearl Necklace Fashion

The ultimately chic way to wear your layered pearl necklaces is to combine them with a diamond brooch. This look is perfect for glamorous gatherings or any formal event where you want to leave a dazzling impression with your outfit. You can attach the diamond brooch to one rope of the pearls or use it to connect multiple strands of pearls for an incredibly fashionable mix.

Pearl bracelets can be worn with every type of wear – elegant, casual, and formal. If you want to stack pearl bracelets, a simple way to do that is to add a double strand bracelet made of pearls in white or any other color and pair it with a casual outfit. If you want to go extra glamorous, opt for pear bracelets combined with diamond or zirconian ones for high-end events. You can also match pearl bracelets with bangle bracelets or metallic ones. To achieve a more formal look, use golden-looking or black color pearls. Use silver ones for casual affairs, the office, or the club.

Kendra Scott Pearl Bracelet

Lastly, you can also layer pearl rings to achieve a unique look. One of the most common ways is to layer a pearl engagement ring with a pearl wedding band. This type of layering goes with every piece of clothing in your wardrobe and will always give a classic look to your outfit. Another exciting and easy way is to layer pearl rings with other types of rings.

That is a favorite fashion trend not only for glam style women but also for other pearl lovers. Now, the best way is to mix a thin pearl ring with various simple rings so that the pearl can stand out. One option is to place the pearl one at your finger’s base or in the middle (depending on the type of the pearl ring) and make sure all the rings feature the same kind of metal.

If you want to go bolder, stack various thin ring bands with a bigger pearl cocktail statement ring. Most importantly, make sure the pearl cocktail ring is placed at your finger’s base. This look is perfect for a formal dinner party or a regular day at the office.

Pearls for a Romantic Look

Pearl Hairstyle

Pearl jewelry always looks high-class and dressy when styled with an elegant outfit. But pearls are also romantic jewelry. They are the perfect add-on when you want to look classy and gentle, but not too fancy for dinner with a date, family event, wedding, or for other special moments.

For example, you can style a romantic-looking wedding dress matched with a pearl set, or wear only pearl earrings with a beautiful and elegant hairdo, where they will gently dangle on your ears and give your overall look an enchanting vibe, or even match a pearl necklace with a floral tea dress.

Pearls Fused with other Jewelry for a Trendy Look

Gold Pearl Necklace

One of the most popular ways to wear pearls these days is to fuse them with other types of jewelry. And styling them this way is our favorite since you can be creative and come up with your unique looks using this timeless piece of jewelry.

This summer, the ultimate hit is to add a pearl pendant on a small, delicate gold necklace and combine it with other longer and shorter layered chains. Another similar idea is opting for small version pearl earrings and accentuating them with gold so that the pearls can stand out. The combination of pearls and gold is exceptionally classy and modern and works well for the casual, office, or even elegant ensemble.

A timeless pearl choker can also be creatively fused with other jewelry. That is the ultimate trendy style for all women who want to show off their passion for fashion. You can match it with other necklaces and wear it with v-neck tops, halter tops, or scooped necklines. Styled this way, it is perfect for night-out, almost red carpet, looks that will emphasize your creativity and originality.

Simple Pearl Necklace

For those among you that are a bit bolder, you can try blending diamonds and pearls. These two are not an effortless match, but this is the precise reason they make such a statement. When combined flawlessly, pearls can mute the flashiness of diamonds, and diamonds can take away the “old fashioned” element from pearls, making them edgier and contemporary. They are the perfect fusion for glamorous events. As an idea, consider a luxury pearl bracelet or necklace, combined with a pair of tiny diamond studs.


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