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1984 Porsche Design Studio IP 84S lounge chair

Porsche have launched some interesting designs so far, in quite a large array of markets, from watches to cell phones, furniture and even gas grills. They’ve recently stunned us with their brand new Ferdinand Porsche lounge chair. Porsche Design Studio’s mastermind, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, is the creator of the IP 84S lounge chair.

A white edition of this exquisite lounge chair is going to enter markets. Fine construction methods, exquisite aesthetics and innovation are the most important characteristics of Porsche, having not disappointed us at all regarding their newest brainchild. It actually came alive during 1984, but now, as we have stated already, the white version went on sale, for $3,367 a piece.

A lot of science is involved in this project. Every sitting and leaning postures were carefully experimented on and studied, following Porsche’s famous focus on accuracy and precision. Thus they figured that a divided, multiple-frame construction should bring the best of comfort and accessibility.

For the nonce, they’ve used 2 frames along the chair’s sides that focus on splitting the upper leg support, lower leg support and backrest. They’ve also used 2 locking devices that should allow the user to bend the lounge chair at different angles and positions, like lying flat in a horizontal position, reclining or upright sitting.

The part that resembles the chair to the Porsche 911 is the white leather wrapping on the central part of the furniture. The same color has been used to paint the side frames, thus beautifully matching the chair’s body. Apart from a few minor changes, the chair closely resembles the one that has won the 1995 Deutsche Auswahl Award at the Stuttgart Design Center.



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