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$1 million laptop by Luvaglio

By Brian Pho


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“The most expensive” phrase really suites British brand Luvaglio, as they’ve stunned us with an entire series of extremely expensive, opulent stuffs already. Here’s another thing of beauty and humongous price tags, the most expensive laptop in the world, priced at a whopping million dollars.

This massively expensive gadget comes with an LCD screen measuring 17 inches in diagonal, Blu-Ray Drive, USB connectivity, MP3 player and a solid state drive of 128 GB. The most of this incredibly high price tag is actually not related to performance in any way, having been mostly spent on the detailing. There’s a very rare diamond in the power switch for example.

There’s going to be quite a lot of fuss and bother if you’re willing to buy one, though. You’ll have to be invited by the brand’s director, Rohan Sinclair, to have yours. It remains to be seen if this will fit the tastes of future buyers though, considering that the laptop doesn’t even bring no mind-boggling performance. It just comes with medium performance levels and a heck-load of bling – and that’s sort of it.

But let’s not forget, even though you’ll find way more powerful and faster laptops at dramatically lower prices, this piece comes with exclusivity and value. First it’s the brand, which is quite an important factor of the matter, and then there’s the value of the stuff it’s been garnished with. It is indeed very hard to find a laptop which you can turn on by pressing on a diamond.


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