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Dior’s new Metallics Makeup Collection Gets You Ready for Autumn


By Victor B on 19 Aug 2017

I’m not sure about you, but I’m a summer-loving person. With that said, the arrival of autumn always gets me down – but not this time. Dior’s new Metallics collection will have the ladies looking electrifying and beautiful this fall, with this new makeup line focusing on the wonderful contrasts between matte and shimmering metal tones, with a sophisticated palette of colors that everyone will surely appreciate. For instance, the

Secrets by Harry Winston is a Dazzling Display of Jewels


By Victor B on 16 Aug 2017

If you’re looking for a magical high jewelry creation that would turn any outfit into a ravishing appearance, Harry Winston is one of those names that quickly comes to mind; and today might be your lucky day, because we have a chance to drool over the newest collection from the renowned American jeweler. Called Secrets by Harry Winston, this new high jewelry collection is just another fine example of the brand’s most celebrated designs

The Caviar Gold Collection from Lagos Makes King Midas Jealous


By Victor B on 10 Aug 2017

Fine jewelry brand Lagos has decided to make this summer even hotter than anticipated; the American jeweler has recently joined forces with luxury retailer Neiman Marcus to reveal a sophisticated 18k gold collection. Dubbed as the Lagos Caviar Gold, this exquisite line builds on the brand’s signature Caviar designs and also celebrates the company’s anniversary of 40 years of fine craftsmanship, inspiration and excellence. The Caviar Gold collection includes a variety

Boucheron’s Serpent Bohème Collection is now filled with Color


By Victor B on 9 Aug 2017

It was the year 888, when Frédéric Boucheron gave his beloved wife Gabrielle an extraordinary necklace resembling a snake, meant to watch over her when her husband was absent. As the years (and many centuries) went by, the Boucheron snake has become a symbol of love and protection, and it achieved the status of Talisman of the Boucheron Maison. Almost 50 years ago the French jewelry house has introduced the Boucheron Serpent Bohèmet

Saint Laurent’s Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller Brings Back the 1980s


By Victor B on 8 Aug 2017

Do you remember the awesome roller blades of the 1980s? What about those cool shoes the ladies used to wear back then? Well, someone thought about combining the two, and this is what resulted. The brilliant Anthony Vaccarello, Creative Director of Saint Laurent, has recently unveiled the Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller, a jaw dropping pair of shoes that will surely make you stand out wherever you go. The $2,600 odd

The Seductive Louis Vuitton Conquêtes Jewelry Collection


By Victor B on 7 Aug 2017

Louis Vuitton might not be the first name to come to mind when you’re daydreaming about fine jewelry, but the renowned French fashion house always aims to offer nothing but the best, regardless of the direction it chooses; as such, when the Maison has unveiled a fabulous new jewelry collection, everyone was paying attention. Called the Conquêtes collection, Louis Vuitton’s new jewelry line is a refined blend of luxury, subtlety,

Prada’s Velvet Cahier Bags Will Put A Smile On Your Face


By Victor B on 3 Aug 2017

Looking a bit cartoonish, the new Velvet Cahier bags from Prada are far from being the classically-looking fashion accessories we’re used to see from Prada and.. we totally love that! This eye catching collection has been specially designed to take any outfit to the next level and help every single fashionista out there to make a bold statement wherever she goes. This season Prada has imagined a few stunning velvet bags, based

The new Michael Kors Bancroft Bags are a Must Have!


By Victor B on 2 Aug 2017

For a true fashionista, there’s nothing better than keeping up with the latest trends and possibly own each and every single piece of clothing or accessories that make the fashion world go ’round. And the new Bancroft bags from Michael Kors aim to be the latest must-haves, with a variety of eye catching styles of this bag unveiled earlier this week through a stunning presentation held at the New York Edition Hotel.