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zChocolat Celebrates Easter in the Sweetest Way Possible

By Victor Baker


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zChocolat easter

zChocolat is a name associated with chocolate perfection and a French style of doing things – a marvelous mix, wouldn’t you agree? A limited release of one of their greatest recipes is now available for tasting, with the world’s leading purveyors of gourmet chocolates aiming to bring a little bit of sweetness into our lives. Since Easter is just around the corner, the French company has decided to let you have a bite of their bespoke Easter pralines.

World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet has made sure these creamy-crumbly hazelnut pralines will get anyone daydreaming about yet another bite. Made exclusively from slow-roasted, crushed, Piedmont hazelnuts, coated in a layer of signature single-origin cocoa – am I the only one drooling right now? – these tasty treats will definitely make your day.

zChocolat easter

Yes, there is more than one way of celebrating Easter – depending on culture and part of the world where you live – but I think we can all agree that everyone loves sweets. And these chocolates have been hailed as remarkable even by the highest of standards, so chocolate lovers have come to expect nothing but the best from zChocolat.

The company’s Easter Collection includes various shapes and sizes, mixed with solid chocolate pieces in all three of the company’s world-renowned couvertures. As you would expect, this new offering benefits from the brand’s innovative packaging and sophisticated details, and please note the artistic Easter egg embellishment, encouraging everyone to hurry up before April 16th, when this offer becomes null.

zChocolat easter

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