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Take A Ride Aboard The Exhilarating Wallytender X

By Victor Baker


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Wallytender X

The Wallytender X, although bearing a pretty odd name, looks absolutely impressive, from front to bottom. This magnificent day cruiser was specially designed by the guys at Wally Yachts to offer hair-rising thrills, with just the right balance between power and versatility. That means you may take it anywhere you can think of, be it on the lake, on a wide river and even on the high seas or the ocean.

45 feet long, 13 feet wide, and featuring a 2 foot, 7.5 inch draft, this speedy boat promises nothing but fun times – all that’s left to do is to pack your bags, fuel it up and pick the right destination. Sure, there’s no crew to cater to your needs and spoil you, nor are you able to chill out and enjoy the pool – since there is none. So what?

Wallytender X

The vessel’s three engine configuration includes 6-cylinder Mercury 400 Verado RCD2 outboard racing units, rated at 1,200 ponies, which allow the captain and probably a few lucky passengers to experience speeds of up to 69 mph. Speaking of fuel, the boat’s fuel tank can hold up to 396 gallons, which would last 414 miles, as long as you’re just cruising at 35 mph.

You will be also benefiting from 63 gallons of fresh water for cleaning, bathing, and drinking. The sporty recreational craft is fully capable of operating in winds up to 46 mph and even on mad seas, with waves of up to 13 feet.

Wallytender X

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